Thursday, May 24, 2007


Most popular tourist destination

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Best known as the home of world famous Walt Disney, Orlando, Florida is without doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

But it is not popular only because of World Disney. The region also hosts six major theme parks, all close to a variety of Orlando hotels. Naturally finding florida hotels these days is a breeze with sites like

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Changes and improvements after the loss of life

Many times changes and improvements have been made after the loss of life. This is the reason why to this day, aircraft crash accident investigations are extremely important. When investigators establish that the cause of the accident has been a mechanical failure of sorts, efforts are made at improvements so as to ensure that the same thing does not happen again. No wonder flying, today is one of the safest modes of transport you can think of.


How fast flying has evolved

It is amazing how rapidly mechanized flight has developed since that day early in the 20th century when two high school drop outs managed to fly the first airplane that remained in the air for only a short time. The two brothers I am talking about are of course Wilbur and Orville Wright.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Simple surgery to solve the weight problem

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Here is some really good news for all those folks who are overweight and have been considering surgery as a way of solving the problem.

There is a brand new procedure called Tampa lap band surgery which doesn’t require cutting, stapling or rerouting of the stomach or intestines and as such provides lower risks with the surgery and less serious long-term complications.

In fact the really amazing thing is that the procedure can be performed in an outpatient (day surgery) setting and offers a shortened recovery period.

What's more, the highly skilled laparoscopic surgeons who practice at Journey Lite facilities are among the most experienced. Then the highly competent staff are specially trained in caring for all the physical and emotional needs of any seriously overweight patient.


Horrible truth about pilot error

The horrible truth is that in many cases human error leads to a chain of events which end in disaster. So in a way most of the times the verdict has a lot to do with pilot error. But those grieving for their loved ones are hardly going to be in a position where they can easily accept this reality. We humans prefer to remain with a nice positive image of our dead.


Why so quick to lay blame on dead pilots?

Most people do not take kindly to the hurried nature in which air crash investigators like to lay the blame on pilot error whenever faced with a puzzling air crash situation. It is easy to lay all the blame on a dead person who is not there to defend themselves. So, are the accusations justified most of the time?


Amazing online education

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An online degree has never been so simple and convenient to get from the comfort of your house spending just a few hours every day.

More so with sites like This is an amazing online education portal representing more than 9,230 online degrees and professional certificate programs in over 1,355 schools. That gives anybody as wide a choice for online schools as they can ever imagine.

The site is committed to excellence in online education through their strategic partnerships with universities, colleges and trade schools. But it does not stop there. Through an intensive in-house vetting and verification system, they ensure that al partner schools are nothing short of reputable.


Did flight KQ 507 Pilots know about faulty radar?

The question being asked by some analysts now is whether the pilots of flight KQ 507 were adequately trained and informed of the rudder design flaw in the Boeing 737 that usually causes a momentary jamming of the fins at the tail of the aircraft. Boeing and the industry are aware of the flaw and while it is being corrected, pilots have been trained on how to deal with it.


Design flaw in 737 raddar

The Boeing 737 aircraft has a design flaw with a rudder that controls the key flaps at the tail of the aircraft and this problem has been identified and is being corrected but meanwhile pilots have been trained on how to deal with it. However there are now questions being asked in relation to this problem and the crash in Africa this month of a 737-800 belonging to Kenya Airways.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Contact form for website

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Did you know that just adding a simple email form or contact form to a website can often be a nightmare for most webmasters? This is a sad fact and it is because many do not know HTML.

Most people who start a website or a blog using simple templates to put it together while having little or almost no knowledge of HTML programming.

Alas, sooner or later they are bound to run into serious problems because everybody with an online presence just cannot do without HTML. is an amazing site that provides a free HTML Online Form Wizard so that those who have a site but zero knowledge on HTML can easily create any form quickly and for free.

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114 perish in mystery air crash over equatorial African forest

The latest air crash mystery happen over the African skies deep in the equatorial forests of Cameroon. All 114 passengers and crew on a Boeing 737-800 were killed when it crashed shortly after take off from Douala Airport, Cameroon. The carrier was Kenya Airways, partly owned by KLM and has an excellent safety and service record ranking among the very best in Africa.


Deep mystery

The Boeing 737-800 that crashed in Africa recently was only 6 months old and although the weather in the particular area of the Equatorial forest where it was flying can get pretty nasty sometimes, it is still a deep mystery as to what exactly brought the airline down. Eyewitnesses from a nearby village reported hearing a loud bang on the night when the aircraft was first reported missing.

Friday, May 04, 2007


What Appreciative coaching has to do with Capella

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Sara Orem, PhD, an adjunct faculty member at well known elearning institution Capella University has co-authored a new book titled Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change. This amazing new book traces recent developments in psychology and organizational development, which suggest that people and organizations flourish best when they focus on human ideals, achievements, and best practices.

The facts are that Appreciative Coaching guides the reader through four key stages; Discovery, Dream, Design and Destiny. The result is that people get inspired to an appreciative and empowering view of themselves and their future. Ultimately performance and results are bound to increase all round.

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Technical issues in the air resolved on the ground during flying

Many times technical problems for crews in the air flying towards their destination are sorted out be technical staff on the ground that assist the pilots to resolve various issues. Quite often the passengers are never aware of what is going on. However there have been cases of serious emergencies where passengers have noticed that there is something wrong with the plane, but when they are resolved and the plane lands safely, very few of them realize that there has been help from the ground.


Pilots flying while seeking technical assistance on the ground?

Did you know that pilots in aircrafts usually have access to technical staff on the ground and even manufacturers? Sometimes things can go wrong and pilots usually use the opportunity of consulting those on the ground for technical assistance and help. Many times these usually proves to be useful and from small problems to major crisis are sorted out while the plane is still flying.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Ridiculously low prices

The big problem with endowment policies is that in some cases, policyholders are surrendering them to the issuing insurance companies for ridiculously low prices. The UK government has stepped in recent times with legislation to protect consumers by informing them that they may have higher value with a endowment policy selling service. Admittedly some endowment policies are not all that desirable but if a willing buyer is found by the endowment selling service, then the price paid can be considerably better.

The price paid is terribly important because endowment policies are supposed to fully pay up an endowment mortgage and indeed there was a time when they all did. However in recent times many holders of these policies have run into problems when selling off their policies because the amount they end up with is not enough to clear the mortgage.

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Aircraft flew for hours while pilots had no control

There have been numerous cases where planes have lost their back end with disastrous consequences. In one memorable case in Japan involving a domestic flight, the aircraft flew for hours without the pilots having any control over its' movements before it finally crashed near a mountain. The plane went up for a short while and then down before going up again. This cycle continued for some time as the passengers inside were horrified beyond words.


Back of the aircraft

The back of an aircraft is more important for flying than most people realize. There is the fin and the "small wings" at the back of the aircraft which are in fact critical in not only keeping the aircraft in the air, but also in controlling it. Most folks focus on the main wings of the aircraft and the engines as being the most important, but the truth is that an airplane cannot fly without the back.

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