Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Paradise is a click away

Did you know that paradise is only a click away? Whatever vacation you have in mind can be found online. The place to look is Vacations.net. The site endeavors to provide an all-inclusive online experience to travelers seeking the perfect all-inclusive resort virtually anywhere in the world.

The most popular vacation spots include exotic beach and sun destinations, like the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Mexico

Even savvy travelers seeking to discover a new all-inclusive resort or to find a great rate on a long-time favorite vacation destination will find this amazing site extremely useful. Even if your idea of a dream holiday is a costa rica vacation.


Still the safest... by far

Many air crashes that happen are as a result of some mechanical failure and in many cases this has been caused by people who failed to observe certain rules in some cases even safety regulations. When this is the case, the industry imposes even tougher conditions and does everything to ensure that they are followed with stiffer penalties where they are not. Little wonder that flying is by far the safest mode of transport to this day.


Aircrafts are made safer all the time

Did you know that with every aircraft accident air travel is made safer? Right from the days of the Wright brothers when one of them was involved in what is believed to have been the very first aircraft crash, but survived it with serious injuries (see early posts in this blog), every accident is thoroughly investigated and new regulations and rules put in place to ensure that the same thing never happens again.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Never a better time

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Experience counts

In an air crash that killed 78 people in Washington DC in 1982, the pilots were young, although one of them had even flown a fighter plane before. Both had been extensively trained but had not flown the Boeing 737 too much. Actually they had not gotten to log in enough hours to start being called experienced. The pair made a series of mistakes that led to a terrible 1982 accident.


Aircraft crash and inexperienced pilot

An aircraft crash that ended up killing all but 5 on board, involving a Boeing 737 in Washington DC in 1982 illustrated just how important experience is for pilots. In chilly weather where there was heavy snow, the pilots made a series of mistakes while the aircraft was still on the ground, that when combined were to prove fatal.

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