Friday, June 29, 2007


Heard of Krillion?

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Heard of Krillion? That is the name of a brand new search engine that launched in February 2007. This exciting new search engine delivers search results category-by-category. The first category is in major appliances: refrigerators, ovens, ranges, washers and dryers (including the popular Maytag Dryers), and dishwashers. Starting in July, Krillion will deliver search results for additional categories such as flat panel TVs, lawn and garden, seasonal appliances and others.

What this means is that we now have a search engine that is actionable for a local shopper. That means that when a consumer has just completed their Internet research, they can then grab their car keys, hop into the car, drive to the store and buy the product.

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Why I should stop my research on air accidents

Being on commercial aircrafts frequently and studying aircrafts accidents in great detail do not mix well. The first problem is that you learn that there are so many things that can go wrong. I tend to think that ignorance is much better most of the time. As they say, what you do not know will not hurt you.


Fear of flying

I recently traveled in an Aircraft after a long time and was amazed at how scary flying can be for those who are not accustomed to it. More so after I have made it a point in recent months to closely study numerous aircraft accidents. What I can say is that this is not the sort of knowledge that is useful to frequent flyers.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Positive process for change

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One of the faculty members in the Capella online university’s School of Business and Technology, Sara Orem, has co-authored a fascinating new book drawn from her knowledge and experience in her field. The book is titled ‘Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change’

In the rare instance where you may not have heard of one of the leading online universities, Capella University is an accredited, fully online university that offers graduate degree programs in business, information technology, education, human services, and psychology, and bachelor’s degree programs in business and information technology among others. You can even get a quality doctorate degree online from Capella

Orem’s co-authors in the ground breaking ‘Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change’ are Jacqueline Binkert, PhD, and Ann Clancy, PhD.


Even more fascinating in the history of flying is how the breakthrough came

Even more fascinating in the history of flying is how the breakthrough came. Wilbur and Orville Wright were nothing but high school drop outs, yet they are credited with the discovery of mechanized flight. Something that transformed and change human history forever. They amazingly did it by carefully studying all the work that had been done in the past and then simply improving on it.


Machines can now fly better than birds

The fact that man has today built a machine that can fly better and further than any bird in the sky is proof that dreams come true and the more you dream, the closer you get to your objective. For centuries man dreamt of flying and a lot was sacrificed in the effort to fly, including plenty of human life.

Monday, June 04, 2007


U.S. government's love hate relationship with silver

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When looking to invest in silver you will either find it in coin form or as ingots. It is important to note that silver coins have a currency value or they are actually defined as ingots.

The story of the U.S. government's love hate relationship with silver clearly tells you that this is the best time to get into silver. That same government that used to dump billions and billions of ounces of silver bars onto the world market, effectively depressing silver prices has today dramatically changed. The US government is now one of the biggest buyers in the world even as silver stocks continue to dwindle.

Monex is naturally the name to go for when going into silver, being America’s best dealer with a convenient market and the most competitive prices.

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Even the old and experienced make mistakes

It makes plenty of sense for experience to be passed on to younger pilots by older more experienced pilots while on the job. However the disadvantage of this situation is that everybody can make a mistake and many times the younger less experienced pilot and flight engineer will not dare to question the senior pilot's decision yet at times by doing so they cab save lives.


When the pilot can't be questioned

There have been some air accidents that have happened because the Pilot in charge was so senior that the much younger and much less experienced flight engineers could hardly question his decisions. In the worst ever air crash involving two Jumbo jets that collided on the runaway, somewhere in Europe, this was certainly the case.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Stocks Trading made easier

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Anybody who has tried out their hand in option trading will know how challenging it can be. But here is some help for you. PowerOptions brings together timely essential data, extensive analysis, and comprehensive option information. Just what you need to give you a clear competitive edge in stocks. In fact this is the only internet-based data provider that gives investors SmartSearchXL, a patented decision support technology that identifies the highest return option trades.

PowerOptions has the convenience and control required to automatically sort, filter, and analyze all the well over 2,900 optionable stocks online.

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Pilot should be alert for emergency

One thing you must understand about a commercial jet pilot is the fact that computers do most of the flying these days and the pilot more or less plays a supervision role. Also during take off and landing (the most dangerous times) pilots get very busy. However a pilot really earns their salary on the few occasions when something goes wrong and they have to make critical decisions on the actions they take. If for some reason a pilot is not alert enough at these times (either due to lack of oxygen) or because they are drunk, then the chances of making mistakes is multiplied many times over.


High risk pilots

Despite strict rules and laws concerning alcohol use by pilots, we still have numerous incidents in the United States every year of pilots being caught drunk on the job. What is it that drives a grown man to commit such a dangerous crime and put his entire passenger load at such high risk?

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