Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Terror Causes Higher Demand For Private Jet Hire

There is no doubt that terror and the threat of terror has changed air travel in many ways which are well known to all of us.

But less known is the positive impact it has had on private jet hire. A survey by Air Charter Guide revealed that there was whopping 80 per cent increase in business bookings of private jet charter services as early as two short weeks after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on American soil.

Private jet hire companies have also experienced a dramatic increase in business since the terror alerts in the United Kingdom.

Travel using commercial flights has become an increasingly stressful affair. Long queues, endless security checks and rather intimate body searches are not fun even when you know that they are being carried out for your own safety. Still there are no guarantees.

And so it is hardly surprising that despite the huge difference in costs more people are going for private charter flights instead of commercial flights. For starters there is complete peace of mind because you will usually know all your fellow travelers. Time is also of essence for many corporate executives and so it is easy for them to opt for private charter where they will not have to spend hours on long queues. Not to mention the fact that you can continue to work on your laptop, use fax, email and hold meetings comfortably in the air even as you travel. This is rather attractive for many harassed executives.

Fortunately it is easy to shop for these services with the availability of private jet hire comparison sites where you can compare prices from well over 40 different private charter companies.

There are also private jet charter companies that travel to over a million different destinations and offer very affordable rates.

Then you also have numerous options in terms of the aircraft you can charter ranging from small private light jets, helicopters, business jets, airliners, freight, and even small piston propeller aircraft.

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