Thursday, March 08, 2007


Never A Better Time Than Now

They could never be a better time to buy silver than now. Demand has outstripped supply and this has been the trend since 1990. Through Monex Deposit company, you can buy silver or any other precious metal for personal delivery or safe deposit. For the past three decades, Monex have been America's market leader as far as precious metals investments were concerned. For investment, silver is available in coin or ingot form with the latter being in pure bullion cast. Coins usually have a currency value or also defined as ingots. Today, stockpiles of silver bullions are low, what are you waiting for? Rush and buy the metal.


German Airforce Was On The Verge Of Rocket Powered Flight In 1942

It is interesting that the innovative German Air Force was said to have been designing a rocket powered aircraft but the defeat of Germany and the end of the war seem to have disrupted these plans. We can only imagine what sort of damage this would have done to the allied effort had they succeeded.


Pilots Tried To Discredit First Rocket Flight Achievement

The first recorded flight in excess of the sound barrier was recorded shortly after the second world war in 1947. It was the famous flight of Air force Captain Chuck Yeager in the Bell X-1 rocket powered engine placed in an aircraft for the first time. Later other pilots claimed that they had broken the sound barrier before Yeager, but they were never able to prove their claims.

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