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How online payday loans can fly

Being able to walk into some bank to get a small loan may not always be practical. In some cases by the time your loan is finally approved you do not really need the cash any more.

Actually online payday loans have become extremely popular in recent times and with good reason. They are approved within a very short space of time. Using this kind of online loan service you will not need to worry about having forgotten some important documents that are required. Instead everything is done online and you can easily apply and get your loan from the comfort of your house or office.

You really can’t beat that, can you?

Friday, May 11, 2012


The Seven Major Types of Aircrafts Used by the United States Military

The United States military has seven categories of aircraft. They are: fighter, bomber, tanker, trainer, transport, ground attack, and surveillance. Sometimes the same model aircraft used for fighter operations will also be used for ground attack or even surveillance.

Fighter Aircrafts
A fighter is used mainly for attacking other aircraft. Fighters are small, fast and easily maneuvered. Fighters were developed during World War I in response the use of aircraft to drop bombs. The earliest fighters were wooden planes with only machine guns for weapons. Now fighters have missiles and a radar to track a target.

Bomber Aircrafts
A bomber is used to attack ground targets by dropping bombs. Within this category there are different types of bombers:
·Strategic Bombers-this type of bomber is used for long range missions against targets such as supply bases, bridges, roads, shipyards and other targets that will hurt an enemies ability to continue fighting
·Tactical Bombers-this type is used in conjunction with ground troops and is meant for shorter range missions
·Fighter Bombers-this type is used to fight both in the air and to hit ground targets.

Tanker Aircrafts
This type of aircraft carries fuel and is equipped to refuel other aircraft while in flight. This allows for other aircraft to complete longer missions even in areas where they could not land and refuel.

Trainer Aircrafts
A trainer aircraft does just that, it trains pilots, navigators, and flight crews. Many trainers are two seat versions of combat crafts, and if needed can quickly be converted to be used in time of need.

Transport Aircrafts
Transport aircraft are also known as cargo aircraft and are designed to carry goods and troops. This type of aircraft has a many wheels that allow it to land in different locations, and has a large fuselage.

Ground Attack Aircrafts
This type of aircraft has numerous names including; attack aircraft, fighter-bomber, tactical fighter, tank buster and dive-bomber. It is made to be used close to the ground supporting ground operations. They are used to attack tanks and other targets in battle unlike the bombers which are used to attack strategic targets. This type of aircraft is usually signified by an "A" prefix. These planes are usually fighter planes or light bombers that have been moved to another use.

Surveillance Aircraft
This aircraft is used to watch enemy movements. They usually have no weapons. The first reconnaissance flight was performed in 1912, and the practice quickly caught on during World War I. Today there are unmanned surveillance aircraft that are remotely controlled, known as UAVs in development.
Military aircraft are a vital part of military efforts and will continue to be used and developed despite low funding.

Chris Simons is a prolific freelance writer. You are welcomed to visit [http://military.theconsumerguide.net], for more information about the U.S. Military [http://military.theconsumerguide.net/Articles/Military_Loan.php].
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Terror Causes Higher Demand For Private Jet Hire

There is no doubt that terror and the threat of terror has changed air travel in many ways which are well known to all of us.

But less known is the positive impact it has had on private jet hire. A survey by Air Charter Guide revealed that there was whopping 80 per cent increase in business bookings of private jet charter services as early as two short weeks after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on American soil.

Private jet hire companies have also experienced a dramatic increase in business since the terror alerts in the United Kingdom.

Travel using commercial flights has become an increasingly stressful affair. Long queues, endless security checks and rather intimate body searches are not fun even when you know that they are being carried out for your own safety. Still there are no guarantees.

And so it is hardly surprising that despite the huge difference in costs more people are going for private charter flights instead of commercial flights. For starters there is complete peace of mind because you will usually know all your fellow travelers. Time is also of essence for many corporate executives and so it is easy for them to opt for private charter where they will not have to spend hours on long queues. Not to mention the fact that you can continue to work on your laptop, use fax, email and hold meetings comfortably in the air even as you travel. This is rather attractive for many harassed executives.

Fortunately it is easy to shop for these services with the availability of private jet hire comparison sites where you can compare prices from well over 40 different private charter companies.

There are also private jet charter companies that travel to over a million different destinations and offer very affordable rates.

Then you also have numerous options in terms of the aircraft you can charter ranging from small private light jets, helicopters, business jets, airliners, freight, and even small piston propeller aircraft.

Saturday, February 04, 2012



To keep this blog going I will from time to time to time accept advertisements/links and other opportunities to generate income. I will however always play by the rules and endeavor to keep my blog as interesting and engrossing as possible to my readers.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Gold Investing

For a long time, gold has been considered the most precious metal. Having gold is a great investment and I would advise anyone willing to invest in gold to do so.

In carrying out gold investing you can do it through getting old gold coins or purchasing gold bullions. These gold bullions are worth millions of dollars and their prices are bound to be rising with the ever hard hitting economic meltdown.

If you do not want your coming generation to suffer because of the hardships in the economy, then it would be good to invest in gold immediately.
The Monex Deposit Company can help you greatly in this investment as they have quality precious metals, including gold and silver.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Rare Coins – A wonderful treasure!

People who live history and cherish where they came from are usually attached to rare coins. This is because the coins remind them of the place from where they came, the good and the bad times.

Young people may not appreciate this now but the older generation would. They know the history behind some of this rare coins and this is why they will preserve these coins and pass them to oncoming generations. This is why you may see the elderly putting these coins on necklaces and passing it on to their children.

If you are looking to get these wonderful coins either as souvenirs or as a priceless piece of history then you can visit Monaco Rare Coin Company. They have a wide range of coins, including both gold and silver coins.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Excellent time to invest in silver

There has never been a better time to invest in silver. As an investment product, silver is available in coin or ingot form. Ingots are pure bullion cast in the right size and shape. Coins have a currency value or are sometimes defined as ingots.

One of the reasons why it is a very good time to invest in silver is because world demand for this precious metal now exceeds annual production while above ground stockpiles of silver bullion are low, shrinking rapidly and approaching depletion.

The difference between gold and silver is that gold has always been an excellent investment. It is available in coin or ingot form. If you feel the urge to buy gold coin the place to go is the Monex Deposit company.

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Focus on old aircrafts: The Fairchild C-82 Packet

Nost cargo planes before the famous C-82used by the military were stripped-out passenger planes. The unusual design of the Packet, with its twin booms, cleared the way for loading directly into the back of the plane. Forty-four fully equipped paratroopers could be carried, or 24,000 pounds of cargo. The Packet was also the first plane to drop large equipment (such as trucks or tanks) with a parachute. The C-82 saw service during the Berlin Airlift and Korean Conflict. Length: 77 feet
Wingspan: 106 feet 6 inches
Speed: 248 mph


Focus on old aircrafts; The RR From Ford

Interestingly the Ford Motor Company, known for manufacturing automobiles, first developed this all-metal monoplane called the RR in 1927.

It was a very strong plane that could be used for stunts, and this is the plane that Admiral Richard E. Bird flew over the South Pole on November 28, 1928. Usually, the RR was used as a passenger and cargo plane, carrying up to 10 passengers.
Length: 50 feet 3 inches
Wingspan: 77 feet 10 inches
Speed: 135 mph
Ceiling:18,000 feet
Range: 505 miles
Engines: 3 Pratt & Whitney R-1340 Radials, 450 hp each
Crew: 3

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